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lipstick acrylic 80 x 80 cm
Blue rabbit 36 x 36 cm sold

A painter makes paintings. That's all that matters. You should not ask him to explain his work. You don't ask that of a poet.
A painting stands alone. Look at my paintings. Look at what you see. You often see women in a mostly quiet and closed environment. Are they scenes from everyday life? Apparently yes, but it concerns often situations that are possible, but not likely.
My paintings show a strange or at least different view of normal life. I create a different reality than that of the world in which we eat, drink and sleep. My paintings are symbolic, sometimes ironic, sometimes a little absurd, sometimes melancholic. Often strange, often dreamy ... but always aesthetic. Women play the leading role in it. I prefer painting women more than painting men. Perhaps because I am a man. But the real reason is less banal.
My main characters are personifications of abstract concepts, such as love, loneliness, decay, transience, fate, beauty. In the visual arts these concepts are traditionally depicted as women. But now I'm doing what I actually didn't want to do: explaining my paintings. So just look at it. Open-minded and unprejudiced. Look at the little stories they tell.
My stories. Make them your own stories!

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